Turmoil in the World’s Newest Country

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The recent violence (in South Sudan) serves as a test for the United States and the United Nations, both of which have worked hard to build the governing capacity of the world’s newest country. Washington was the key broker behind the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that led to the eventual independence of the south; its credibility is on the line if South Sudan falls into chaos. A stable South Sudan, by contrast, could boost the UN and its peacekeeping efforts at a time when many in Washington and on the U.S. campaign trail are griping about the alleged ineffectiveness of the UN.

Read the full article here: http://www.theinterdependent.com/120127/south-sudan-faces-test-of-unity-after-independence

  1. A recent article from Voice of America points to inflated dowries as a possible cause behind frequent cattle raids. http://www.voanews.com/english/news/africa/South-Sudans-Jonglei-State-Teeters-On-Edge-138898564.html.

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