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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s an election year and even though we are roughly 11 months removed from “Decision 2012” the current circus that is the Republican Primaries ensures that we will pay absolutely no attention to anything other than personal attacks and meaningless debates for the next year. As if the United States isn’t insular enough, we will now turn our attention to a bunch of half-baked tax reform schemes, climate change denial, accusations over past business and governance records, and sensationalized television ads.  We see this charade every four years, but still haven’t wised up.

At least this time around there isn’t a veteran running for office so we can be spared the debate over whether said candidate was an actual war hero or not(remember 2004).

So here is a little run-down of what we will increasingly not pay attention too:

Our unsettling conflict with Iran

That we were preparing for a third war during the Bush administration was really no surprise, but that rhetoric during our current administration is beginning to mirror its predecessor is truly unsettling. Being on the brink of war requires indefatigable attention from civil society, the press, and the public in order to make sure our elected leaders make the right decisions.

Now is not the time for sideshows.

Violence in Africa (we never really paid attention to this anyway)

The world’s newest independent nation of South Sudan has plunged into a “vortex of violence” due to tribal tensions that were kept under wraps during the country’s fight for independence, but have now boiled to the surface.

As human beings, we have a moral responsibility to help the lowest and the least, but since it seems as if decreasing numbers of Americans share this belief, the civilians in South Sudan will probably be left to their own devices.

The Purchasing of Congress (This obviously occurred long ago, but the fact that it continues should still upset us)

According to the Guardian:

“New analysis of oil industry contributions to members of Congress has revealed the level of the oil lobby’s financial firepower that Barack Obama can expect to face in the November elections if he refuses to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.”

Do you ever feel like a crazy person because no one else seems to be bothered by something you find so alarming? Please see exhibit A above.